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"My power comes from knowing that this moment, is the only moment. In this moment anything is possible as long as I am in the moment. If I am not in the moment, when it has past it is gone, never again to be mine."
Cheryl Nordyke (via dailyinspiredthoughts)
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In Denial

That’s my issue. I know there is a problem but I am ignoring it. I AM IN BIG DENIAL. I know I spend more than what I earn. And I reached my 30th + years of my age without having earnings. I just can’t help but sometimes feel deprived if I am in a mall and I won’t let myself buy anything I want. Then, when I come home, I’ll look at it and I’ll realize that I don’t really need it.

It is always impulsive buying.

Things like that just got stuck in my room. No use at all. Just a passing fancy. A fancy that would not even last a day.

Things are getting out of control. It’s like seeing myself starring in the movie “Shopaholic” where in the end all of her credit card bills and debts are running after her.

Things are really getting out of control. I should really need to earn more this time. Have more self control even when I am shaking and thinking I am being deprived with all of these gallantries.

I pray now that one day, my goal is next year .. to say that it is ALL OVER.


— 4 years ago
I Promise

It is 1:08AM. Today, I promise that I will change the way I live.  Before 1:08AM this is me:

  • loves going to the mall. And when in the mall, the goal is never to leave the place without buying something. Be it food, DVD’s, books, etc …
  • After receiving the salary, I immediately go to a restaurant and eat like i will never eat tomorrow. The goal is to go to a new restaurant, if not an expensive one, to pamper yourself after 15 days of hardwork.
  • Max out my credit for things I don’t really use.
  • Dine out with friends even if it means expenses.
  • Don’t count the change for the merchandise i bought.
  • Just get the merchandise and don’t mind the price.
  • Sleep, sleep and sleep.
  • Imaginary friends, lovers ….

This is me after 1:08AM:

  • Will avoid going to the mall after work.
  • Will avoid going to the mall / restaurants during salary day
  • Pay my credit card bills.
  • No dine outs
  • Count the change ALWAYS. Cent always count.
  • Check if I need the merchandise before buying it.
  • Do something productive before going to sleep.
  • Avoid having so many debts.
  • Earn more than you spend.
  • Do not max out your budget before the salary day.
  • No more imaginary friends and lovers …
  • Clean out the closets and the shelves
  • Find an extra job
  • Diet
— 4 years ago